About Us

Cobon Plastics Corporation is ever expanding its facilities to better serve you.  Our standard stock products are listed in this catalog.  Our additional services include the extrusion of special shapes and profiles in the following materials:  polyvinyl Chloride, Polyethylene, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Linear Polyethylene, Butyrate, Acetate, Ethyl Cellulose, Nylon, High Impact Styrene, Acrylic, Cycolac, Implex, Crylastic, Teflon, KEL-F and Genetron.  We welcome your inquiries on all new thermoplastic materials which are extrudable and that might become commercially available in the future.

We maintain our own machine shop where tools, dies, and special extrusion equipment is manufactured for both experimental and production runs, and where skilled engineers are ready and able to solve your most difficult extrusion problems.

Our extrusion facilities include three 1 1/2" extruders, six 2 1/2" extruders, three 3 1/2" extruders, and one 4" extruder as well as a host of auxiliary and supplementary fabricating equipment.

We would appreciate having the opportunity to serve you in any of the above-listed capacities.


Cobon Plastics Corp
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